Sykin? What exactly does "Sykin" mean? Well, it all started when I was young. My parents used to call me "Missy", then "Missykins". Cute, eh? As time went on, it got shortened to "Sykin". So it's pronounced as if it were the end of "Missykins" - See - kin.

{{ PAST }}
As a youngin', I loved to create. I was a painter, a drawer, a photographer. I started graphic and website design back when AOL was the "best" internet provider ever. Fast forward to college where I struggled to find my favorite medium for design. I loved graphic design but always fell back on website design as my staple.

In 2008, I became infatuated with my friend's etsy shop and created my profile so I could buy from her. Little did I know that it would create my new passion - crafting. I had a dream; to learn how to sew. I had a sewing machine (still collecting dust in my closet) and was determined to teach myself. I wanted to create camera holders. This is still a dream. I love looking at fabric and figuring out how I would design different patterns.

Instead of graphics, websites, or camera holders, I turned to another new craft: jewelry. You see, just after creating my etsy profile and shop, I became obsessed with the Twilight books. I created "Sykin's One Stop Twilight Shop" as a way to creatively create Twilight inspired goodies. I used natural items found in Washington (much from Forks or La Push). I loved pushing my limits and using colors and themes to create one of a kind items.

In 2011, I shut down the Twilight crafting part of my life and moved back to my original passion of graphics, websites, and photography. This change also brought about my business name change to " Productions". As an avid crafter involving so many different methods for crafting, I had to find a name that could suit it all.

{{ FUTURE }}
So what exactly does the future hold for Productions? I guarantee I will change crafting methods more than once. You will likely see something incorporating fabric (maybe even something I've sewn! Maybe.). I may create more jewelry. After all, I did it for a few years and greatly enjoyed it. I doubt I'll give it up completely. You'll definitely see graphic design and photography. I am still very passionate about both.

But what you will see for certain is my heart and soul.